Think Twice Before Face Painting!

Think Twice Before Face Painting!

Craft Paint is not Face PaintIt's festival season Mamas! PLEASE don't let anyone paint your kid's faces if it looks like they're using acrylic or craft paints or glitter! These are not intended for use on the skin and can leave chemical burns and irritations, craft glitter can scratch the cornea if it gets in the eyes.

Craft paints typically contain small amounts of ammonia, formaldehyde and other preservatives.  While these ingredients don't affect everyone in the same way, there is no way to know how your child will react when these paints get left on their skin all day.  Also, keep in mind that the skin on the face and around the eyes is generally much more sensitive than say, the skin on your hands, which is what is usually exposed to craft paints with normal use and most people don't notice any reactions there.

Professional face painters will use cosmetic grade paints and glitter that are FDA approved for use on the skin.  High-quality face paints are more like make-up than they are like paint.  They wash off easily with water and are much safer for use on the skin.

I get that a lot of schools, fairs, churches etc. are working with tight budgets, but being too cheap to hire a professional can injure the children who are supposed to be having fun.

It's not worth it and could even get you sued. Just hire a pro or invest in the right equipment if you're going to be doing it yourselves!

For more in-depth information on this subject, Looking Glass Painting has done a great write-up on their blog and I highly recommend you check it out before hiring a face painter for your event or letting your child get their face painted at your next outing.

face paint boyface paint girl
face paint boyface paint girl
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